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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I had the very good fortune of

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
working with Joan Moossy today. She is an incredible talent and very pleasant company. This is the first time I ever met someone who knew what's going on in the blog. Yeah!

This is Miss Moossy portraying Shiva John Kessler, back when she was Lilea K.'s manager.

Today we saw the first of Lilea K.

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
This is my character Galilea when she was a pop star in the eighties.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

This is now a location for The Narcissist

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
The Polish Hall has a bar and bowling alley in the basement. The decor is very fifties kitsch.

Friday, July 29, 2005

I forgot my camera batteries

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
at Ted's yesterday so I took another picture while I was there.

My Dog looks so depressed

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
Poor Monstie.

Before and After

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
Man! That shirt doesn't stay tucked at all. I wanted my buddy Joerg to see the nice lederhosentraeger (suspenders). If it wasn't for him I would have never found these on Ebay Deutschland. And thanks to that pharmacist in Munich who took a chance on me.

(Sounds like I'd like to accept an Oscar on behalf of my suspenders.)

Joerg seemed to think I paid way too much but this is the proof that they're something else.

If you want to feel like you're famous

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
walk around Sag Harbor, NY all day in lederhosen at the height of summer. We were shooting The Narcissist. I was stared at and asked questions all day. "What are you doing? What's going on? Why are you wearing that?"

I tried to oblige. I tried to answer:

"Well I'm playing a character who was denied a Hummel as a child and now her whole focus in life is getting Hummels, even trying to be a Hummel."

Everyone looked so incredibly confused at this. Isn't that the big zinger in Citizen Kane? Rosebud? He's looking for Rosebud? This stuff isn't deep.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Test shots with the new lens

Originally uploaded by ransomz.

Originally uploaded by ransomz.

This Monster now lives with me

Originally uploaded by ransomz.
Well, I 'won' this off ebay yesterday (Canon L 70-200/2.8). It wasn't the best deal but the seller was on Long Island. I travelled quite a distance to meet some guy at a train station because he doesn't 'like to do business at home'.

Even though I was picking up in person he still charged me the 'handling' fee because he couldn't be expected to pay for the ebay listing himself. Could he?

"I can't just eat it."

So I got all victimy but I paid it. Didn't trust that guy one bit. Got into the car. There was a 'refurbished' sticker on the rear cap. The images so far are very nice. I'm going to test it further today. It struggles to autofocus. I just don't know how much that's normal.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Originally uploaded by ransomz.

Originally uploaded by ransomz.

Originally uploaded by ransomz.

Originally uploaded by ransomz.

Monday, July 25, 2005

In my neverending pursuit

Originally uploaded by tanalee.
of the perfect lens I got a 17mm fish-eye-takumar. I think it's sharper than the Zenitar that I just sold. If conditions are just so, the results are pretty good BUT the flash cannot handle the focal length so it's no good inside. (Maybe with a tripod and all that.)

I didn't get the super multi coated version, maybe I should have held out. I'm curious to see whether it'll actually get used. At least the POSSIBILITY of a good picture is there. This was not the case with the 16mm Zenitar. It was just not sharp enough.

I got a kick out of

Originally uploaded by tanalee.
this serenade.

This is Jenna Glatzer

Originally uploaded by tanalee.
She's a writer and I had the opportunity to shoot her parent's 35th wedding anniversary party on Sunday.

Meet Rashad

s072305 026
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
He was trying on my blonde wig last Saturday night.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Now I'm focussed on distribution

Griffith Gaunt is a woman's picture very much in the style of Jane Austen. Except I think that Griffith Gaunt is edgier and harsher--a little more negative. It's a dillusionment story with a happy ending tacked on in the novel. For the movie I took this happy ending off. I'm doing a lot of analysis of distribution options for such a film. I feel that the internet is my only real chance. Naked Yoda way back on ebay got 10,000 hits (Naked Yoda was a painting that I sold on ebay. The page was accessed 10,000 times in 10 days.) You can see naked yoda in the archives of this blog.

I'm going to have to think a great deal about this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

There's a rose garden by the library

Originally uploaded by ransomz.

Originally uploaded by ransomz.


Originally uploaded by tanalee.
This is supposed to be a pinhole image. I drilled a hole in a body cap.


Originally uploaded by tanalee.
I've been doing a lot of tests and experiments lately. This is the new macro bellows with a 55mm Takumar Pentax lens.

I like to spoon with my cat at night

In between shooting I have embraced laziness. On craigslist, I've found that people have given themselves over to confessing. I cannot stop reading these posts. The best one I think is:

I like to spoon with my cat at night.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pentax bellows

Pentax bellows
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
This is what this wonderful item looks like.

In my neverending search

071105 037b
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
for the perfect lens. I bought a pentax bellows. This stretches the lens away from the image sensor (film plane) so you can get some wicked macro going. I've been taking pictures of any small toy that I can find. This is Storm, I think.


071305 045b
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
Uh, you wanna get busy?

Monday, July 11, 2005

This guy

Originally uploaded by tanalee.
seemed nice.

It was really hot inside

Originally uploaded by tanalee.
so I went to the beach and took some pictures.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Don't be hatin'

070805 051small
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
I just can't stop taking pictures of the frodog and my puffer.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


070705 131
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
He was floating in the fake plants. So I came in all stealth and gave him a wafer.

070705 081
Originally uploaded by tanalee.

Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm selling a 16mm Zenitar lens

Dominicas 065
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
on ebay right now. I used that lens to take this picture. May I present Paco of the Dominican Republic.

The photo below was also taken with this lens. Am I crazy? These are decent shots. I am a true equipment hound. Sniff, sniffing for better optics.

Dominicas 001
Originally uploaded by tanalee.


Originally uploaded by tanalee.
We were shooting today. This is me.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

This was taken at the Bronx zoo

Originally uploaded by tanalee.
I was shooting at a Hamptons club last night. That was a zoo full of dangerous animals. Here you see that the marmosets at the real zoo were a bunch of angels.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mike and Amy 297flick
Originally uploaded by tanalee.

I shot a wedding yesterday

Mike and Amy 375flick
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
which was rather touching. Please click on the images. That'll link you to flickr to see the rest of the images I uploaded.

Mike and Amy 296flick
Originally uploaded by tanalee.

Mike and Amy 202
Originally uploaded by tanalee.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Canon 24-70mm L lens

Canon 24-70mm L lens
Originally uploaded by tanalee.
The subject of much of my discussion lately.

I've been going on for about 2 weeks

Originally uploaded by tanalee.
about the Canon L lens 24-70mm. It's really expensive so I tried talking myself out of it. Then my Hasselblad 250mm lens sold on ebay so I felt shamed into buying the Canon lens. I knew I'd just end up blowing the Hasselblad money on batteries and adapters like I always do so here you have some examples.

May I present Namor, the avenging son, or something and below you have Captain America. These shots were taken indoors as the sun was going down. My flash (Canon 420ex) was the main source of light.

Originally uploaded by tanalee.

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